ICO Ends Aug 15, 2018


I have read the TimeBox Terms and Conditions and Whitepaper.
Please don't use exchange wallet to transfer ETHER.

TimeBox smart contract address as below:

***Minimum Purchase Level 0.2 ETH***
***Gas limit suggestion, 200,000 gas***

Note: We will send TB Coin to your Wallet Address within two hours after you purchased.

Now is 1ETH = 1200 TB Coin

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Provide an online custody service that is simple, powerful and convenient for everyone.
Short-term (1-5 years)

Set up a decentralized, secure and sustainable digital asset-based blockchain network service.

Mid-term (3-15 years)

Provides easy-to-use, powerful and easy-to-use memory storage and transfer service for everyone.

Long-term (10-50 years)

To promote decentralization of the human memory bank ecosystem

  • To promote decentralization of the human memory bank ecosystem.
  • Develop the building of artificial intelligence robot skills and memory database.
  • Provide Memory Block Licensing and Chips: Provide Skill Memory Licensing for a Variety of Artificial Intelligence Robot Design Companies.
  • Develop People to Machine memory exchange: memory can be loaded into the computer, increase the computer's artificial intelligence.
  • Develop People to People memory exchange: Pay for memory assets or just sharing with each other.


Pitch Deck
Smart Contract
Auditor Report


Unable to store permanently

There is no guarantee that the precious digital assets can be stored in personal computer or any one cloud service company for nearly 20 years, 5o years and even 100 years. Baidu, Alibaba andTencent (BAT)in China nowadays have nothing but 20 years of history, no one can predict what the world looks like 50 years later.

Identification and anonymity dilemma

Identification of traditional assets requires personal photo,identity card,cell-phone number, e-mail address and even authentication of relatives and friends; moreover, it has absolutely no privacy or the news about the leakage of personal information is oftenen countered; in short, both the accurate identification and the anonymous demand to protect the personal privacy can not be took into consideration.

Extremely high cost

Common permanent storage, national defense-level security and non-repudiation are always the right demands of each person, furthermore, to search a lawyer or a bank should pay for a huge cost, hence that still fails to be guaranteed absolutely.

Frequent propagation of hacker and virus

Traditional centralized banking trust mechanism or centralized cloud storage service are unable to withstand the fierce hacker attacks or the risk of sealing, let alone to store these valuable digital assets in personal computer.



Build an advanced blockchian for digital assets such as photo, video, password, banking statement, cryptocurrency and even memories downloaded from the human brain.


Global promotion and operation for TimeBox services and ensure liquidity of the TimeBox Coin.


Setup a charity foundation of TimeBox, provide the TimeBox service to those vulnerable groups.


There are many things in our lives that we hold dear to our hearts, from the valuables we own and the investments we make, to the memories and objects which are immeasurable in value to us. In the maelstrom that is the digital age, everyone desires to keep profit digital assets such as family photos, wills and cryptocurrencies in a manner that would ensure its security, accessibility and privacy, amidst the ever evolving and harrowing pitfalls in this ecosystem. Cloud service is a centralized form of storage, and thus has many security flaws. Important data has been lost and celebrity photos have been compromised on a regular basis because a centralized storage system is not a safe and everlasting data storage solution. TimeBox is like a time capsule which utilizes decentralized storage technology and smart contracts. Blockchain can keep our digital assets forever on the internet, as long as the internet exists. A smart contract guarantees the storage of precious assets to be delivered on Time whenever it is. TimeBox leverages blockchain technology with guaranteed delivery service, and is thus the key solution to the needs or pains for everyone. Timebox is your best option for storing digital technology!

I bought several Ethers a few years ago. I’m worried because only I know how to get these virtual currencies back, if I forget my password someday, or in the unlikely event of an accident, my family will never be able to use these cryptocurrencies.

Potential customer group: Each Cryptocurrency owner

Natural disasters and accidents occur frequently. Only a small difference exists between to saving and rescuing something. Write down what you have to say at first and feel relieved and comfortable without regrets.

Potential customer group: everyone

I am a terminal cancer patient; I can let my baby listen to the words “Happy Birthday” said by me in person to him in the process of growing up every year with the Timebox.

Potential customer group: serve patients. Everyone actually has to face the death.

These are the videos and photos of babies who just learned to call for their parents, these precious media items should be stored in the Timebox to prevent losses or damages.

Potential customer group: everyone

On our graduation year, we made an appointment to store our future dreams in the Timebox and to open it together 20 years later.

Potential customer group: all students, hundreds of millions of graduates in each year.

I am a business traveler who provides for my family and goes on numerous business trips per year, and although flights are extremely safe nowadays, nothing is as certain as the unexpected. I’ve left the message for you in the Timebox, in case of.... My bank card password is...

Potential customer group: businessman, tens of millions of people per year

We have said that we would love each other forever and live together till old age. I have left a message in TimeBox; from now on, whether I live or die, you will receive my love letters in our annual anniversary.

Potential customer group: Every Adult



2019 Establishment of TimeBox charity foundation


  • TimeBox prototype system design
  • TimeBox multi-sig and token smart contract


  • TimeBox Prototype alpha
  • Design Marketing Program


  • TimeBox clients for Broswer
  • TimeBox 1.0 alpha
  • Public exchange will be online


  • TimeBox 1.0 Beta
  • Pilot and early bird invitation


  • Launch TimeBox 1.0
  • TimeBox client for smart phone


1. Issue crowd funding for TB Coin ICO

  • Use ICO to raise start funding for TimeBox
  • List on the ICO public exchange to raise the support of registered users and investors and to put into the development and promotion of TimeBox ICO.

2. Establishment & development

  • Develop distributed database for storing the information based on the blockchain technology
  • Develop one set of virtual currency system
  • Develop one set of coding program that blocks information and media files into blockchain
  • Develop PC client-side, MAC client-side, smart phone client-side App
  • Develop an smart contract system based on blockchain technology that is used to solve the reward structure problem of TB Coin and to encourage more people to participate in network storage nodes.

3. Platform opeartion

  • Promote TimeBox service
  • Promote the application and cooperation of TimeBox
  • Online digital assets trust service
  • Set up charity foundation of TimeBox to provid free TimeBox service for the vulnerable groups




As a virtual commodity (just like the game points or game gold chains), TB Coin does not belong to the category of investment products, the value of it is determined completely by the market rules and the demands of enabling the application. In the meantime, the coin liquidity in various digital asset exchanges is different, so there will be some certain liquidity risk. In addition to that, TB Coin will actually regard as the virtual payment currency in the TimeBox platform.


The coin adopted in the TimeBox platform is called TimeBox Coin, or TB Coin for short.


TB Coin issued 200 million in the whole life cycle, 100 million will release for ICO and public sales.


Founder team

Jason Hung

Chairman & CSO

Ph.D., Engineering and management
National Chiao Tung University


ICOBench Top expert
SuchApp, BitRewards, BlockLancer,
TokenSky Advisor
China Animation Media Production Ltd. CTO
Innovation & media center of ISoftStone AVP
Chidopi Co, Ltd. co-founder and CEO
SYSTEX Corporation Software R & D Center SAVP
Ernst & Young Management Consultant Supervisor
Oracle /PeopleSoft Greater China Project Consulting


AR/VR, game platform,
mobile Internet, App research and development,
Cloud Application Platform Design
The promoter of organizational change and Reform of Oracle and iSoftStone and other
multinational companies.
71 App R & D and published experience, more than 11 App rushed to the top 10 AppStore.
2 times innovation invention award, 1 new venture awards and 9 patents for scientific and
technological inventions.
2 times PeopleSoft global outstanding business executives’ award, 1outstanding employees’

Alex Chang


Master of EMBA
National Chung Hsing University


Gravity Wave (Beijing) Managing Director
Gravity Wave Hong Kong Co-founder and CEO
General Manager of FENCIT(Beijing) (Far Eastern Group)
SONY Network Entertainment Taiwan CEO
IBM IGS System Service Rep.
Citibank B.A.
ICOBench Expert
Familiar with the Internet, the game industry and telecommunications industry, so far
nearly 20 years.
Rich experience in business development, project development and higher level management.
Working experience in multinational companies (Citibank, IBM, Sony)

JC Lin


Institute of Business Administration,EMBA
National Cheng Kung University
Institute of Information Management,MBA
Fu Jen University


Zagama Cloud Service CEO
Game Heaven CTO
HTC VR and Mobile Phone Company Project Manager
Ernst&Young Senior Consultant
Project leader of Accounting and tax, sales and distribution, procurement and materials
and business processes, etc., ERP, BPM, BPR


management and strategy planning
Development and leadership in Online O2O sales platform and cloud APP
Decision making in Artificial intelligence and big data analysis
Organization planning and info construction of AR/VR new ventures


Kent Yan

Business Advisor

MS, Electrical Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management


CEO of Tra Dove, Inc.
CEO of Braincess, Inc.
IT manager at Bristol-Myers Squibb
Investment Banking Associate at Deustche Bank
Engineer at PEPSI COLA

Simon Cocking

Chief Marketing Advisor

Innovation Academy, Innovation,
University College Dublin
Master of Science (MSc), Computer Software Engineering
Dublin Institute of Technology


Simon Cocking is Senior Editor at Irish Tech News, Editor in Chief at CryptoCoinNews, and freelances for Sunday Business Post, Irish Times, Southern Star, IBM, G+D, and others. He is a top ranked member of the ‘People of Blockchain’ (currently ranked at #1 /1000).
He is an accomplished public speaker at events including TEDx, Web Summit, Dublin

Nassim Belouar

Marketing Advisor

Master's degree in Economic Expertise
University of Lille, France
Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Business Management University of Lille, France


Blogger, Economic Analyst
President at IFAW Think Tank
Co-founder of "Blockchain Algeria": pioneer blockchain consulting agency in the MENA
Public Speaker and Blockchain Evangelist in France
Advisor and business consultant in Blockchain/Cryptocurrency-related projects such as NoLimitCoin and RingCoin
RFID Junior Project Manager at Médiathèque Marcq-en-baroeul, France

Professor Wu

Blockchain application consultant

Ph.D., Computer Science,
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, U.S.A.


Professor Wu specializes in blockchain applications, big data and artificial intelligence. He also has extensive application research and related dissertation for Ethereum and IPFS hybrid blockchain network structure

Nikolay Zvezdin

Finance & Legal Advisor

Bachelor of Banking and Finance,
Ozyegin University
Applied Mathematics and Computer Science,
Lomonosov Moscow State University


Chief Investment Officer at Envinary Group
Chief Investment Officer at Enlight Visionary
Chief Financial Officer at Digital Education Technology
Chief Financial Officer at Gao Zhi Yuan
Advisory Board Member at Giza Device
Advisory Board Member at ICONIC Ecosystem
Advisory Board Member at Datarius Cryptobank
Advisory Board Member at AIDA Service
ICObench Evaluation Expert, Experts Review Admin
Crypto Valley Member
Investment Analyst at Bravia Capital

Aythami Melian Perdomo

Blockchain Technical Advisor

Computer Systems Engineering Technician, Desarrollo de Aplicaciones en
Software Libre 2004
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya


Technical Advisor at TimeBox.Network
Technical Advisor at Liberty Lance
Technical Advisor at CareX Blockchain Platform
Manager of BAC America, Blockchain Advisor
IT Analyst & Online Software Engine
er(PHP7, eHealth, GDPR, Blockchain)
Blockchain) at Atos Consulting
IT Analyst & Online Software Engineer(PHP5, eLearning) at IECISA

Allen Lin

Cloud & SEO Advisor

MSC, Marketing
Napier University
Bachelor of Information Management
Ming Chuan University


Managing Director at Cloudmax Inc
Managing Director at WIS Internet Inc
COO at WIS Internet Inc

Howard Yeh

Patent Advisor

Master of environmental engineering
National Chiao Tung University
Bachelor of Chemical Engineering
National Taiwan University


General Manager at Richie Company
Team Elite at NU SKIN Greater China
Senior Patent Specialist at TSMC
Patent Specialist at Lee, Tsai & Partners
Patent Engineer at Lee and Li Attorneys-at-Law

Developer Team

Su Chun Chia

Blockchain Developer

Computer Science and Information
National Taiwan Normal University


PM & Smart Contract engineer of First Financial Bank Blockchain experimental platform
Developing "Blockchain charitable fund-raising platform"
Participate in the project of "constructing environmental safety protection cloud and strengthening monitoring mechanism of agricultural production"
Participate in the project of “Futures Exchange” Blockchain POC case

Wu Hsien An

Blockchain Developer

Bachelor of Computer Science and Information Engineering
National Taiwan University


First Financial Bank BlockChain POC
Agriculture Commission BlockChain POC
TimeBox Website and Landing Development

Kai Wei Hsu

Soft Designer

Bachelor of Fine Arts
Washington State University


Design of 3D model for Zagama AR children's books
3D character design of Mobile
game Jump City Saga
3D character design of Mobile
game zombie attack

Jerry Hong

Cloud and App Developer

Information and Telecommunications Engineering
Taipei City University of Science & Technology


Gold Award Seoul International Invention Fair 2017
Sporun APP software Engineer



Yes, we have signed a crypto-marketing PR agency to handle the professional thing.
Yes, we have members and co-founders / partners from the top university Blockchain laboratories. They are very skillful and have Blockchain project at Taiwan First Commercial Bank.
Yes, one of the key technology components (DB) is already in beta stage (Ties.Network), it’s live and runnable, and we use IPFS as file system which is a well know famous block chain technology protocol.
Yes, all of our co-founders have early investment at this project for 6 months. And we have angel fundraising to support our development.
Yes. Accidents happen every day, but there is no trustable/cheaper/convenient service for people to store something very important and transfer to right people at right time. So, we decide to make this happen by develop a decentralized trust bank servers for memory. For more detailed, please refer to our white paper.
Yes, the token is a utility which user pays it as service fee in our TimeBox platform.
Yes, we have discussed with our legal consultant back and forth, and we have plan and budget to help on all regulation tasks for our TimeBox project.
This is a good idea, TimeBox service will be a huge ecosystem because everyone will create many TimeBox personal smart contract for his/her family/friend. But the total amount of TB coin is 200M, this is a fix amount which allow investor to evaluate the TB coin potential value in the future. We allocate 50% of TB coin for Pre ICO and ICO. After ICO, unsold TB coin will release gradually by economic/demand. We also reserve 7% for liquidity if 50% TB coin sold out at ICO.
Yes, our co-founders are all senior executive management from global 500 companies. We have strong and proven track record to managing RD/Product/Sales/Marketing.
Yes, we have 50% tokens are reserve for flexibility.

Let everyone store and transfer memory assets
Let everyone share skills, knowledge, experience, and life memory
- people to machine:Human memory can be loaded into computers to increase the ability of computer AI.
A skill database for artificial intelligent robots
A memorable Wafer Factory: providing skills memory authorization for all kinds of artificial intelligent robot design companies and giving back profits to skill sharing.
- people to people,User pay or exchange.
All investors will get their tokens by the end of March 2018.
we define token number/price base on our financial calculation. However, we didn't publish this financial detail sheet in the WP as most of ICO didn't show finance table in detail. Our co-founder and sales lead is SONY network GM of Taiwan, he made the financial outlook base on his past 10 years’ experience at consumer market.
We have very detailed finance statements, but we didn't publish it in WP, because most of the ICO WP do not publish relevant information.
Although this is a world’s first memory bank, however, we use reference from Dropbox rather than assumptions. It took Dropbox eight years to achieve an annual income of $1 billion. Our cost should be lower because we don't need centralized datacenter.
Frankly, there is no alpha version. However, there is a world’s first decentralized DB (TiesDB, ICO success just few weeks ago) is under development.
A few months ago, The CEO of TiesDB invited us to be the first platform to use their network. Our work is still in progress, and we hope to have a POC soon.
Yes, we will have marketing strategies in our white paper.
We both know ICO has been carefully reviewed by various regulatory authorities around the world. And No country has officially approved ICO financing activities, except Mauritius. We are working with a US based legal consultant which has success experience on apply the ICO registration at Mauritius. These messages are not suitable to be displayed in the white paper.
There are three mechanism. 1. TimeBox service will accept token and USD, Tokens pay for Timebox services will be discounted. 2. Token will be destroyed when used. 3. Timebox services will be available around the world, more and more people need it to save money while using TimeBox.
When your family reserve a TimeBox asset/message for you, you must register to TimeBox before you can read it in the future. And while there is an account in the TimeBox, system can follow up the contract change, or even allow user have 2nd contact. For those people without internet contact profile (for example, old man never use smartphone or browser), this is consider as our second priority to serve. We will provide a traditional delivery service, in which we consider provide value-added services something like assurance and lawyer service.
Automatic death detection process: Part of the citizen can benefit from government open data. For those cities without open data, everyone should specify N-number of close contacts (let's say 10, but minimum 3 for example). Then user on a weekly basis simply needs to click some notification on the phone (within a time-frame), if he misses the click, and didn't click within the time-frame (2 weeks for example), system checks his last activity on social networks, and if no activity for the past 2 weeks, at least 90% of those specified contacts need to confirm his death.
We will provide a selective option, allow user to define the route and rule whenever the transfer has been reject or unaccepted in a specified period.
Anyone, even a criminal has his right to leave memory/asset for his family. So, we will not prejudice anybody who delegates the TimeBox. This principle is similar to Apple reject FBI request to download some suspect iCloud data for investigation.
KYC (know your customer) will be implemented in TimeBox because we consider providing each user a second contact in order to recover his / her account if they lose the password. Therefore, all users will be provided with email, mobile ... etc. We consider implementing a complete KYC (with passport, passport-sized photos, address confirmation) for users who wish to transfer large amounts of money (eg> 100 BTC or equivalent), which is under discussion and which can be adjusted dynamically to handle options.
You need to agree that you are NOT a resident, citizen, or a registered person from the China, US.
The grace period is must, we are considering launch a lifetime free program: Encourage customer deposit 1000 TB coin, and use TimeBox for free in lifetime, then these TB can transfer to their family after he/she passed away. Thinking we have maximum 200M TB on the market, only 200,000 customer can apply this program, and TB coin will soon become a high demand token.
This is a three tiers architecture, , as we describe at whitepaper. We will build our own decentralized file server for low latency since block chain is currently not as quick as customer expected. Then we will have enough time to develop our hybrid node (IPFS with smart contract capability). This is so call DATN (Decentralized Asset Trust Network).
We plan to have centralized server for tier-1 storage, this mechanism also bee used at some fast speed crypto-currency. It’s to speed up transaction confirmation, then gradually sync to Main Net. For PoW, we have signed a partner who with the proven technology to run PoW on smartphone. We are plan to deploy the DATN technology to smartphone.
DATN will make sure no single computing node can contribute more than 51% of storage or computing power. Actually, we will implement DATN on top of smartphone. That means even a smartphone can join as a node to contribute their storage and computing, and their contribution weighting can be defined equal to a super computer. So, 51% problem will not happen at TimeBox.